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2021 College-Bound Student Survey: Download The Report

Hear fresh takes on college search and enrollment from the latest class of…

May the (GA4) Force Be With You

The Power Within Google Analytics 4

Trendcast: The Rising Costs of Paid Digital Media

August 2021 Update

Webinar: Oh, Behave! Why The Future of Higher Education Marketing is Behavioral

A behavioral marketing primer for admissions professionals

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Fresh Ideas for Higher Ed Admissions Pros

Boosting Email Engagement Using Behavioral Marketing

94% increase in email open rates after implementing a behavioral marketing…

International Student Recruitment: The Renaissance Ahead

Exploring new and re-emerging opportunities for global student recruitment

Spark451 Named a Top Digital Agency in Raleigh

Recognized by DesignRush in a competitive category

Increasing Leads Without Increasing Spending

Campaign-specific landing pages are an effective means of attracting…

10 Takeaways From NAGAP 2021

A quick recap of the 2021 Graduate Enrollment Management Summit.

Post-Pandemic Recruitment Planning

4 strategies to help ensure your institution will survive and thrive…

It’s the Final (Enrollment) Countdown

4 Actionable Late-Season Strategies You Can Implement Right Now.

Virtual Commencement Vector Graphic

Deliver a Powerful Virtual Commencement Experience

How Better Listening Enables More Impactful Marketing Campaigns

iOS 14 Phone

The iOS 14 Update: How It May Impact Higher Ed

Five Questions Savvy Admissions Pros Should Be Asking About Apple’s…

Adapting Admitted Yield For A Virtual Era

Finding the bright spots in a challenging year for higher education (and…

Higher Ed Web Trends for 2021

With all-virtual college searches on the rise, it’s time to optimize your…

Webinar: Understanding Your Institution’s Whole Brand

How Better Listening Enables More Impactful Marketing Campaigns

Webinar: COVID + College Search: What HS Seniors Are Saying Right Now

HS seniors share fresh thoughts on college search, applications, and…

The Great Ad Pause: Why it Matters for Higher Ed

How political ad bans can impact the performance of ads from colleges and…

Meet Feedback, Spark451’s Newest Strategic Partner

Discover how combining Feedback’s world-class ethnographic research with…

Silver Linings Playbook: 2020 In Review

Finding the bright spots in a challenging year for higher education (and…

Meeting Graduate School Intenders Where They Are

As the first wave of Gen Z students head to grad school, administrators…

Supplement Your Search and Fill Your Next Class

When it comes to hitting your fall recruitment goals, you have options!

Boosting Applications and Fostering A Healthy Grad Student Pipeline

Targeted Search and Prospect Communications Attract High-Caliber…

The Votes Are In: Innovation451 Competition Winner is a Data Lake Platform for Data Governance, Analytics and Predictive Modeling

Innovation451 initiative sets company on a path toward data management,…

TikTok Advertising For Higher Education

​Platform-specific tips every enrollment manager should know​.

The Results Are In: 2020 Graduate School Intenders Survey

Download the full report to gain critical recruitment insights from…

2020 College-Bound Student Survey: Download The Report

Discover what the latest class of high school grads are saying about…

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Connect with Spark451 Virtually at NACAC 2020

The Key to Effective Virtual Recruiting Events

Discover Spark451’s Virtual Experience Support Package.

Name That September Tune

Three takeaways shared by your colleagues.

Reality Check: 5 Truths About Digital Marketing for Higher-Ed Enrollment

Get the facts about using digital marketing to achieve your enrollment…

Dollars and Sense: Examining the Real Cost of Recruitment

Plus: How To Build Your Class On A Tight Budget Without Travel

It’s Time to Focus on Fall 2021

The time to build your next class is now.

Spark451 Special Report: 3,500+ High School Seniors Discuss COVID-19

Find out how college-bound high school seniors say the pandemic influenced…

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Customer Decision Journey Mapping for Prospective Graduate Students

Why the traditional enrollment funnel doesn't apply to these unique…

WEBINAR: Digital Disruption — Finding Your Class Using Digital Strategies

Enrollment-focused digital marketing tactics for COVID-19 and beyond.

Spark451 Earns 11 Gold Awards

Successful collaboration yields award-winning marketing.

Digital Marketing In the Time of COVID-19

How Digital Marketing Can Benefit Your Enrollment Marketing Efforts.

Spark451 Special Report: College Parents React to COVID-19

Find out how parents of first-year students believe the virus will impact…

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As the world continues to grapple with the economic fallout of COVID-19,…

Webinar: What Parents Are Saying About College Search

Enrollment strategy expert Pete Colbert shares the results of Spark451’s…

Webinar: Making Your Class Amid COVID-19

​Essential tactics for admissions pros adjusting strategy amid Coronavirus…

College Campuses and COVID-19 Interactive Map

An interactive map generated from a crowd-sourced dataset on college…

Welcome 2020: Plan for Success In the Year Ahead

Strategies for enrollment managers who want to achieve more in 2020 and…

Guest Post: It’s Time For Colleges to Boost In-House Video Production Resources

Check out Mike McGetrick’s recent article for The Cutaway

Re-Recruitment is Born: What the NACAC Vote Means for the Admissions World

Following the NACAC vote, a new, more competitive era of college…

Navigating the Great Enrollment Shift

Admissions Strategies for the New Era of Student Recruitment — Get the…

Landing Pages That Convert

A digital media campaign without a strong landing page is like a…

A One-Size-Fits-All Approach Doesn’t Fit Digital Marketing

Not all digital media is comparable.

Why Use Digital Marketing in Enrollment Marketing?

When it comes to enrollment marketing, there are the tried-and-true tools,…