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Admissions technology platform and CRM for higher education

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Data-driven recruitment strategies that attract the right students

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Inspired marketing communications and personalized content

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Great Expectations: Gen Z and the Path to True Content Personalization

Technology and sophisticated marketing techniques have enabled personalized experiences with products and platforms.

8 Things You Should Do in 2018 to Be a Successful Enrollment Manager

What the Rise of Messaging Apps Means for Admissions Teams

They’re changing ecommerce and customer support. How will messaging apps affect higher-ed communications?

New Graduate School Seeks a CRM for Everything

Most schools decide to invest in a new or first-time CRM because legacy systems aren’t getting the job done. But for Yeshiva University’s Katz School of Graduate and Professional Studies, the need was different. Element451 was one of the only solutions that met all of the Katz School’s needs.

From Lead to Applicant

Improving the Experience for Students and the Enrollment Team

When Trading Up is Faster than Upgrading

The liberal arts university, located in New Jersey, found in Element451 a new solution that addressed its needs, and that it could transition to swiftly.

The Campus Visit: Impress Them before They Arrive

The visit experience begins online. Make sure it’s seamless.

Email Software That Does More for Higher-ed

Top marketers use segmentation and automation. Learn why admissions pros should too.

How to Optimize a Student Search Email Campaign

Spend less time formulating that perfect subject line and more time on techniques with greater impact.

With Machine Learning, Predictive Modeling for Admissions Is Evolving

Knowing who is likely to enroll means knowing how to use resources wisely.

Active Participation Required

Turning viewbook readers into explorers.

Right Audience, Right Message

Better targeting boosts out-of-state reach.

Scaling Up Student Search Personalization

More personalization doesn’t have to mean more content.

Decision Time

Guiding admitted students to enroll.