Enrollment Marketing

Communications Strategy

Build a refined tactical communications plan for your college or university based on a foundational understanding of your prospective students and your key, unique selling points.

Knowing Your Audience

We begin the process of getting to know your audience by asking two fundamental questions: Who are they? And what motivates them?

Messaging Architecture

Messaging is not copy; it’s the floor plan for your communications house. Spark451 crafts a small set of statements arranged hierarchically to prioritize your most important messages. These statements help people in all departments deliver consistent messages across every channel, including emails, text messages, print, video, and more. They also help us lay out a sequential plan for delivery.

Creation and Production

With the architecture in hand, our team can begin the work of crafting your communications. From emails to phone scripts and print to video, our creative teams produce all or part of the planned materials in collaboration with your in-house marketing teams.

Technology Integration

Following the blueprints of our plan, once the materials are finished, we begin the painstaking process of implementing the communications plan on the various platforms where students will engage. From your CRM to direct mail to call centers to surveys, our team executes with precision and operational rigor, knowing that each touch point is a one-on-one connection between your institution and a future student or family.

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