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Build your graduate enrollment with our intelligent marketing programs.

It Starts with Strategy

Whether you’re launching a new program, marketing a decades-old master’s, or introducing online programs, Spark451 has done it all. Our work begins with getting to know your market, your competition, and your program’s strengths. In addition, we dive deep to understand your prospective students both demographically and behaviorally, so we can determine who they are and how to talk to them.

Putting Plans into Action

Ideas are great, but execution is where the rubber meets the road. Once we establish a strategy, our teams develop a tactical marketing plan to build a pipeline of qualified leads and applicants for each master’s and doctoral program. Just as important, we market each program as its own challenge, because each is unique, important, and has its own audience. Finally, we are not just about bringing in students for the immediate term, but building a marketing engine that will bring in students for years to come.

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