Enrollment Marketing

Student Search

Spark451 helps shape your next class with a student search marketing program as unique as the students you recruit.

Tailored Approach

Break the Mold

Save the cookie cutters for baking. Your school deserves a tailored approach to student search with a unique and branded creative execution. Spark451 ensures that your campaign makes your institution stand out in mobile, desktop, and print.


Purchase Modeling & Predictive Modeling

You will enjoy the benefits of Spark451’s dual-tier modeling, which helps you select the right geomarkets and identify the most qualified prospective students within your pool and budget.

Getting Personal

Spark451 Search Activity Sequence®

Stand out from the rest with a personalized and segmented narrative approach through Spark451’s Search Activity Sequence®. SAS uses data augmentation and enrichment, channel separation and management, and message segmentation to deliver a bespoke series of messages to each student in the search program.

Information & Optimization

Reporting & Analytics

The effectiveness of your search campaign is consistently measured and optimized through real-time reporting and tracking. At the program’s end, we take an analytics deep dive to give you a true assessment by source, geography, ability, academic program, and more. You will have comprehensive insights into the quality of your prospective student pool.

Our Search Model

Student Search Building Blocks


Identify the right students for your goals and add marketplace knowledge to build a sound strategy.


Determine the platforms and devices your audiences prefer and analyze how they use them.


Create cohesive messages that focus on what makes your institution different. Provide clear calls to action.

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