SMS Texting

Generation Z students send and receive more than 3,000 text messages a month. Spark451’s ability to craft your message and include optional imagery and trackable links will give your school’s reach the boost it needs.

There’s Nothing Standard About Our SMS Service

The universal term for a text message is Standard Message Service, or SMS. But it’s far from standard when you rely on Spark451. We have a bank of hundreds of messages with proven response rates, all under 160 characters.

Add Imagery and Trackable Links to Your Messages

We can help you send more in-depth texts with MMS. This way of sending messages includes the addition of imagery and trackable URL links, allowing you to better tell your institution’s story through mobile phones.

Unsure of Home or Mobile Numbers in Your Database? No Problem!

Spark451’s platform enables us to upload every phone number in your prospective student database and report back on which numbers are landlines and which are mobile. Our experience shows that roughly 40-50% of home numbers are actually mobile numbers.

Strict Opt-Out Rules Keep Your Brand Pristine

Every message we send includes an opt-out clause, giving your recipients the option of no longer receiving your texts. Our track record with spam complaints is impeccable, meaning your brand will be too.

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