You already know 2020 has been an unusual year for college admissions (to say the least). However, you may still be surprised by some of the findings from Spark451’s latest College-Bound Student Survey. For example, in spite of all the hype in the media, less than one percent of students who responded to our survey ended up taking a gap year!

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This summer, thousands of 2020 high school graduates responded to the Spark451 Education Research Division’s ninth annual survey on the college selection process. Download the full report to gain access to all the valuable information for college admissions professionals, including:

  • The Class of 2024’s social media habits
  • Students’ reactions to test-optional admissions policies
  • Which influencers have the most power over college decision-making
  • The effect of virtual events on college decisions
  • So much more

Download the report now. Then, reach out. We’ll be happy to help you determine if your upcoming admissions marketing and student search plans are fully in line with the latest data from students.