Spark451 has been partnering with a small public university and managing their digital media lead generation campaigns since 2018. For the first two and a half years of working together, the university mandated that we drive all inquiry traffic from our ads to an appealing, but standard, admissions inquiry page.

Due to the extremely small size of the institution, they were perfectly happy with the minimal results that emanated from these campaigns. However, the Spark451 team was very confident that we could improve the outcomes.

Launching a More Robust Site

We began suggesting a more effective solution to help the school significantly grow their prospect list. After more than a year of discussion, and a campaign launch in Fall 2020 that produced a grand total of 14 leads from September through December, our partner finally conceded. They took us up on our offer to build a campaign-specific landing page based on our industry best-practices approach, reallocating the budget for the remaining media spend to create a site that would make a greater impact on the audience.

We launched the new landing page in January 2021, utilizing powerful techniques for engaging students. Within one week, we had matched the total leads generated in four months on the prior page. The campaign just wrapped up, and the new page has produced 85 leads—a 500% increase in the same amount of time. And, since no additional money was spent, the cost per lead plummeted from more than $1,400 to just $250.

Expanding on Our Success

Our partner institution is thrilled with the changes we incorporated and with the improved results—which they had been convinced simply weren’t possible for them. We are preparing to begin a new targeted campaign this spring, and the first question they asked was whether we could create a version of our landing page specifically for this campaign, as well!

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