Jeff Bezos once said, “your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room.” At Spark451, we’ve spent nearly a decade helping college and university admissions pros like yourself use surveys, focus groups, and other data to craft marketing campaigns that promote your institution’s true strengths and overcome any misperceptions. Now, we’re about to take it a step further through a new partnership with Feedback, a Richmond, Virginia-based agency whose hand-trained data scientists and behaviorists offer voice-of-the-customer ethnographic research and analysis about how people perceive your brand. These fresh insights will allow us to provide you with a new level of data-driven marketing strategies and messaging that truly resonate with your target audiences.

Key institutional benefits will include:

  • Exploring how audiences make decisions
  • Identifying and analyzing brand perceptions
  • Competitor profiles and brand sentiment
  • Channel and influencer identification
  • Understanding whole-community behavior and best practices

“This exciting addition of Feedback’s unique brand of social listening and real human analysis is a perfect match for Spark451’s hyper-personalized approach to persona modeling, lead generation, and brand awareness campaigns,” says Pete Colbert, Senior Business Development Strategist at Spark451. “While we’ve always taken a data-driven approach to marketing for higher education, the additional insights we’ll receive from Feedback will expand our perspective and further enrich our strategic planning, allowing us to develop even more effective campaigns for our college and university partners.”

“While surveys and focus groups showcase how your many audiences (from the prospective student to the friend of the college) speak when prompted, our digital ethnographic approach using actual behaviorists to analyze how discreet audiences discuss, ask, respond, interact, and simply behave in all corners of the internet helps build a more complete picture,” adds Feedback Principal Dean Browell, PhD. “We’re excited to bring more of our solutions to higher education by formally expanding our great relationship with Spark451.”

Watch Our Webinar

Check out Spark451 and Feedback’s webinar, “Understanding Your Institution’s Whole Brand: How Better Listening Enables More Impactful Marketing Campaigns,” to get more details about how a unified branding model for enrollment marketing, utilizing both persona modeling and ethnographic research, can yield incredible results for higher education institutions like yours.

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