Every conversation we have with enrollment teams has one thing in common — nearly everyone believes that there is more they should be doing to fully leverage Slate to develop mature marketing and communications efforts.

Chances are that if you are reading this, there is something that you’ve always wanted to do in Slate but haven’t found the time to get it done. Whether your goal is to build a drip campaign, learn Liquid Markup, or build the Rules and Populations to automate your workflow — we know there is something that “you’ll get to eventually.”

If you’re thinking about revamping your existing communications or starting something new, keep these 4 tips in mind to improve your Slate communications.

Email designs

Built with Branding

You need something slightly more captivating than a logo + image + brick of text. Leverage your images, videos, and brand identity to bring Slate templates to life. We put our templates through rigorous tests to make sure they can be dynamic, responsive, and hold up to dark mode, light mode, and everything in between on all devices. Using a well-branded, captivating, and stress-tested template can build better affinity to your messages.

Maximize Personalization

Are you a Liquid Markup pro? Or do you have messages with snippets? Segmenting your pool into specific populations by academic interests, distance from campus, household income, and beyond helps tailor a student’s journey with your institution. The more direct and personalized a message is, the better the engagement. That’s a mantra we live by.

Consider the Best Timing

Delivering the right message to the right person at the right time is the goal for every message that is sent or scheduled by our team. Whether we are developing a drip campaign, delivering trigger-based behavioral marketing messaging to website visitors through Ping, or following up with an application starter, we triple-check that our messages are timely and relevant.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Once our communication flows are planned, written, designed, and built, we seek to automate as much as we can to make the lives of your team easier. Using Rules, Populations, and schedules in Slate, we can ensure that messages are being delivered so that your team can focus on reading, traveling, calling, and visiting.

Spark451’s SparkAssist service can help you tap into the full power of your Slate instance by picking up wherever you and your team left off. Our experienced Slate administrators, content creators, and higher education marketing experts have the context, creativity, and technical expertise to automate, personalize, and beautify what you’re sending to prospective students, parents, and beyond.

Because we know every admissions office is different, we offer a wide variety of customizable subscription– and project-based models to ensure we’re delivering as much — or as little — as needed to meet your team’s specific needs. Let’s connect to discuss.