Brand Bifurcation


Brand Bifurcation

Spark451 Strategy TeamBy Spark451 Strategy Team|December 7, 2023

Does your administration’s view of your institution match how the public sees your institution? If not, your college or university may be suffering from what we’re calling “brand bifurcation.”

In the latest episode of our “Total Conviction” video series, Steve Kerge, Co-founder of Spark451 & Jenzabar Vice President for Enrollment Marketing, highlights three common ways “brand bifurcation” can manifest within an institution, along with tips for how you can resolve the underlying issues related to each form.

Check out the video above now, and feel free to reach out whenever you’re ready to discuss specific ways you can battle any brand bifurcation that you’ve identified within your own institution. Our enrollment marketing strategists are here to help!

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