Utilizing Social Media to Attract Adult Learners

Month: June 2023

Spark451 Media RelationsBy Spark451 Media Relations|June 13, 2023

Impressed by our accomplishments with an affiliate school, a public institution recently approached Spark451 to help kick off a brand-new program. The college was preparing to introduce a tuition-free certificate course for adult learners. Funded by a grant from Google, individuals completing the course would earn a Google IT certificate and build valuable skills — opening a range of opportunities in an in-demand field.

With a goal of filling their first class, the school was budget conscious and seeking a cost-effective solution. Partnering with Spark451 provided the necessary expertise for achieving this milestone in ways that exceeded their expectations.


new leads in 43 days



Deploying an Impactful Digital Media Plan

The team set to work on determining the most effective solutions for meeting this school’s specific needs and staying on budget. That involved selecting the best digital media formats to reach their non-traditional audience and developing engaging creative content that would elicit a response.

To that end, Spark451 established a Facebook and Instagram campaign, focusing on these platforms due to their popularity with the target demographic. Much to the school’s delight, leads started coming in immediately.

Securing Enrollment With Lightning Speed

In just 43 days, the paid social campaign generated 1,056 new leads. That translated to an extremely efficient cost-per-lead of $5.10, which certainly helped the school to stay on budget and get the most bang for their buck. In fact, Spark451 shut the campaign off early, since the school quickly filled the class to capacity with 24 students. An additional 30 students were then referred to a college they were partnering with on this program, so they could also enroll in an online version of the course.

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