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Everyone loves a good story. And today, no storytelling medium is more important to Gen Z than video. Using film, 3-D art, and animation, we’ll deliver your school’s most compelling narratives.

Our Reel

We’ll ensure your institution shines on screen with video capabilities that include:

  • Television spots and campaigns
  • Student and faculty spotlights
  • Series of short vignettes with various themes
  • Admissions welcome videos
  • Digital signage with video and animation

Personalized Video

For Gen Z students, it’s all about them. They want a personalized experience across channels — and that includes video. Spark451 uses its significant experience in data personalization to extend the dimensions of video with custom stories and visual experiences.

Motion Graphics

We bring stories to life with engaging graphic designs put into motion. From digital media campaigns to anchor videos to commercials, our motion graphics team uses video, animation, 3-D, and sound to enthrall your audience.

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