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To inspire students to inquire, apply, and enroll, Spark451 will collaborate with you on data analysis and research to develop a communications campaign that’s cohesive across all platforms.

Communication Planning

The primary objective is to develop a communication plan that attracts attention and inspires action. This includes identifying the key messages about your institution that resonate best with your targeted audience through a mix of email, SMS, print, and video. We also leverage marketing automation and dynamic content to deliver personalized messages at the right time.

Crafting the Right Story

With a plan in place, we’ll begin formulating your school’s narrative. With your team’s input, we’ll develop creative ideas that build upon your institution’s existing brand and come up with new concepts that generate a response.

Data-Driven Results

Our services don’t stop once your communication plan launches. You’ll be assured you’re hitting your goals through regular A/B testing and response rate and conversion analysis. Plus, in consultation with your team, we’ll optimize messages, visuals, and offers throughout the life of your campaign to ensure you’re getting the results you need to hit your numbers.

Segmenting and Personalizing

Because no two audiences are the same, an important part of what we do is shaping your materials to cater to specific groups (e.g., freshmen, transfer students, parents, counselors, etc.) To deliver what we call “connected moments,” we also use data and technology to ensure both print and digital pieces are personalized to each recipient.

Let’s Start Developing Your Next Campaign

We’d love to discuss your institution’s specific challenges and help you determine which strategies and tactics will best prepare you for next year’s cycle.

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