Westbury, NY — Spark451, a Jenzabar company, is proud to welcome Jerald Harrison, our newest Senior Business Development Strategist. Based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Harrison will focus on our college and university partners in the Southwest and Western regions to help them reach and exceed their institutional goals.

“Jerald has a wide range of EdTech and enrollment marketing experience, and he brings a great deal of valuable expertise to this role,” says Steve Kerge, Co-founder of Spark451, and Jenzabar Vice President for Enrollment Marketing. “I’m very confident about the insights and solutions he can provide for our partner colleges and universities.”

Harrison holds an MBA from Mid America Christian University and a Master’s in human resource management from Webster University. For more than 15 years, he has been moving the admissions needle for higher education institutions. Harrison started his career in enrollment management services, working his way to becoming Chairman of an education technology consulting company that finds enrollment management solutions for institutions such as Southwestern Christian University, Southwestern Assemblies of God University, the University of Central Oklahoma, and Oklahoma Wesleyan University.

Harrison’s expertise allows him to advise both prospective and current institutional partners, providing crucial insights and understanding into solutions that colleges and universities may not have considered. He has a long track record of success in developing personalized enrollment strategies for recruiting traditional, non-traditional, and international students, and his unique knowledge of enrollment strategy, technology, and proven processes helps colleges and universities grow within their capacity, increase proceeds, and expand into new markets.

“This work allows me to help change the lives of students, faculty, and stakeholders every day within the higher education landscape,” says Harrison. “I chose this profession because it’s what I’m passionate about. I’m thrilled to be joining a group of individuals who feel the same way, and to use that passion to create strategic, innovative solutions for Spark451’s college and university partners.”

About Spark451

Spark451, a Jenzabar company, is a higher education enrollment strategy, technology, and marketing firm that combines creativity with powerful technology to achieve measurable results. With a mission to help colleges and students fuel their future, the firm integrates a multitude of communication channels and platforms for effective enrollment marketing, student search, creative services, and digital media. Since 2011, Spark451 has worked with over 200 colleges and universities nationwide. For more information, please visit spark451.com.