Vanessa Haertig

Finance Associate

AKA “Heartwarming Haertig

With admirable skills in organization, attention to detail, and accuracy, Vanessa is an invaluable asset to our finance team. She dives into tasks that include project pricing and customer contracts, ensuring project profitability and quality, working with vendors to keep projects on track, building and maintaining spreadsheets, and optimizing production processes.

Having grown up with an entrepreneurial spirit and a bit of an obsession with Shark Tank, Vanessa would regularly engage in new ventures and eventually started a business selling all-natural handmade soap bars. Managing the finances of her own small business helped her learn important lessons about budgeting, cash flow, and financial responsibility.

As a Binghamton Bearcat, Vanessa was given the nickname “DJ Vness.” She recently decided to live up to that title and bought a DJ board, which she inaugurated at a “Respect Rave” hosted by her school’s Health and Wellness department to promote body positivity through dancing.

How did you choose your profession/why?

I chose a profession in finance because I’ve always appreciated the way numbers and their patterns present a constant challenge and opportunity for problem-solving. The dynamic nature of the finance industry offers potential for continuous learning and growth, which is something I value.

What’s one thing everyone needs to know about Spark451 and why?

Everyone is so supportive and truly wants you to succeed. The positive environment at Spark451 is unmatched!

What is your life theme song and why?

“Move Your Feet” by Junior Senior because I believe dancing to good music can fix any bad mood by instantly putting a smile on someone’s face, and it just makes life more fun! In the wise words of the Danish duo: "Just put my record on, and all of your troubles are dead and gone." :)

When you aren’t busy being a Sparkler, what is something that you like to do and why?

I LOVE to cook and experiment with new ingredients. I’ve been vegetarian for nine years, so it’s fun to challenge myself by finding creative ways to prepare plant-based meals. I’m hoping to publish a digital cookbook one day!