Stephanie Rapp

Human Resources and Operations Manager

AKA “Radiant Rapp

This St. John’s University “Johnny” ensures that every “Sparkler” (as we’re all known internally) benefits from a supportive and friendly work environment. She is responsible for all recruitment, benefits, and personnel matters. A former teacher, Stephanie’s strongest skills include communication, organization, and approachability.

Stephanie earned a B.A. and an M.A. in English literature, both from St. John’s. She loves traveling around the world, hiking up every mountain she finds along the way!

What is the most memorable experience you’ve had at Spark451 thus far and why?

In late 2016, I was given the opportunity to visit colleagues in Belgrade, Serbia. Belgrade is a beautiful city, rich in history, culture, food, and night life. My favorite part? Dinners consist of a lot of food and can last hours! I would love to go back!

How did you choose your profession/why?

In many ways, I believe my profession chose me. I was a teacher before Spark451, and never gave another profession much thought until I came across Spark451, and they were looking for their first HR employee. I thought about how it was probably time for a change. Best decision ever—I can't say I'd ever go back! It truly is a rewarding position, and I am able to see the direct impact of my work, whether it be through recruitment or employee relations.

What is your favorite quote and why?

"Not all who wander are lost."-J.R.R. Tolkien. There is always so much stress in society to be the best at eveything and always do everything with a purpose. This quote allows me to believe that just because someone likes to explore and does not always follow the typical direction of life, does not mean that they are without purpose and does not mean they are lost.

What is one super power you'd want to possess and why?

Teleportation. I love to explore new places and I would like to go anywhere I wanted, at any time, without the hassle of commuting.