Kristin Wegner

Senior Designer

AKA “Wacky Wegner

Kristin spends her days developing creative solutions and delivering high-quality, results-driven designs that ensure our partner institutions can achieve their goals. With experience during college as a student ambassador to the admissions department and a work-study position in the financial aid office, she became passionate about the field of higher education. Since graduation, Kristin has helped a wide range of clients, tailoring her design for every project to each individual brand’s needs. She earned her BFA from New York Institute of Technology.

How did you choose your profession and why?

Back in the golden age of the internet, I discovered my love for design by creating AIM icons and MySpace layouts for my friends. Who knew these would be my first clients? Once I realized I could turn my hobby into a career, my heart was sold.

How has your own college education directly translated to success at Spark451 and why?

My college experience was unique—I worked various campus jobs almost as often as I went to class. From this dual perspective, I learned the needs of both the students and administration, and I am now able to design in such a way that communicates effectively to each of these audiences.

What is something most people don’t know about you?

I was born and raised in the Bronx. Moving to the suburbs has not been kind to my allergies.

Beach vacation or city vacation and why?

City vacation. I don’t know how to sit still and relax.