Karina Romero

Business Development Operations Associate

AKA “Remarkable Romero

In her role supporting the Spark451 business development team members across both sales and operational platforms and projects, Karina helps to maximize efficiency, collaboration, and success. She gained vital experience that prepared her for these responsibilities while a student at Molloy University, working in the athletic department (go Lions!).

Karina finds inspiration in running and has been involved in track and field for more than 10 years. As a runner, she’s learned that she can always surprise herself with results she never thought possible — as long as she shows up, stays focused, and does the work — and always going the extra mile.

How did you choose your profession/why?

When I was in middle school, I watched a show about advertising, and there was a character I admired who found creative solutions to solve client problems. I loved how she always could think outside of the box, and I wanted to be like her. Naturally, I followed that path and I’m thrilled to be in that position now.

What’s one thing everyone needs to know about Spark451 and why?

Everyone is so kind and they want you to succeed. You are constantly supported from day one. The vibrant and positive energy are different from any other agency, and it’s reflected in our clients’ success.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given and why?

“Nobody can take away your dream if you don’t let them.” These words of wisdom were given to me by a professor a week before I graduated from college, and I think it is a positive and empowering statement encouraging both personal agency and resilience.

What is one superpower you’d want to possess and why?

Teleportation! I love traveling and visiting new places. I would love to travel the world and be there in a matter of seconds. Hopefully, the ability to avoid jet lag comes with it, too.