Christina Maddaluna

eMarketing Specialist

AKA “Motivated Maddaluna

A graduate of Ramapo College of New Jersey, Christina helps review and deploy emails, surveys, and text messages for our partners. In her free time, you can find this former Roadrunner getting creative in the kitchen.

How has your own college education directly translated to success at Spark451 and why?

My college education has directly translated to success at Spark 451 by my ability to use what I learned on a daily basis. It’s one thing to complete assignments, projects, and tests, but being able to use what I have learned every day really makes me feel grateful for my education.

What is one super power you'd want to possess and why?

A superpower I would want to possess is being able to teleport. This would allow me to fulfill my passion for traveling and being able to try different foods on a daily basis, all while avoiding my fear of flying.

What do you love most about working in higher education and why?

The thing I love most about working in higher education is the constant change. It was very interesting to see what clients did to address such a tough situation and help their students during difficult times, like the pandemic. It was beneficial being able to see this happen firsthand.

Where is the place that you want to visit most in the world and why?

A place I would like to visit the most is Italy. I would love to experience the culture, shopping, and most importantly, the food!