Ann Levy

Digital Marketing Strategist

A skilled digital marketing strategist and higher education specialist, Ann brings a well-rounded background of admissions-related experience to Spark451’s digital services and strategy teams. In her role, she helps partner institutions gain a competitive edge by providing keen insights to strengthen their digital media strategies. During her tenure with Spark451, she has managed and consulted on countless digital campaigns at both the undergraduate and graduate levels, and she is always implementing fresh optimization tactics to further improve the performance of our partner institutions’ digital campaigns.

Ann holds a Masters of Education in Higher Education Administration at Stony Brook University, and she has worked in both graduate admissions and advising for the University of California San Diego. She brings extensive knowledge of both private and public universities, as well as undergraduate and graduate-focused marketing.

This avid traveler has backpacked through Southeast Asia, bunked on an overnight train in Morocco, and witnessed the beauty of the Northern Lights in Iceland. When she’s not busy planning her next adventure, you can find her exploring parks and trails on Long Island with her dog, Chevy.