Ann Levy

Director of Digital Marketing

AKA “Lively Levy

Ann’s strong background in higher education administration, PPC marketing, and client relationship management helps her lead the charge in developing and executing digital marketing projects at Spark451. As an experienced admissions professional and social and digital media expert, she brings an acute perspective to our digital services and strategy teams.

With a focus on performance optimization, Ann delivers data-driven insights to shape digital marketing strategies for our colleges and university partners. No matter the budget, Ann ensures that each dollar is spent to ensure the best possible results. To date, Ann has managed and consulted on hundreds of digital campaigns at both the undergraduate and graduate levels during her tenure at Spark451.

Before joining our team, Ann earned her Master’s of Higher Education Administration at State University of New York (SUNY) Stony Brook. She also held various admissions, recruitment, and student advisement roles at SUNY Stony Brook, University of California, San Diego, and Adelphi University. She is also Google Certified for Search, Display, Video, and Measurement.

An avid traveler, Ann has spent considerable time backpacking in Southeast Asia. When she’s not busy planning her next big adventure, you can find her exploring parks and trails with her dog, Chevy.

What do you enjoy most about your position at Spark451 and why?

I love that digital is always changing, evolving, and never staying stagnant. It allows me to keep learning and always have a finger on the pulse of what's going on in the digital world.

How did you choose your profession/why?

Working in admissions and advising during college as an intern set me up to explore the world of higher ed, and eventually, take a job as an admissions counselor as my first job out of college. The rest is history! Three universities and experiences in undergrad and grad, spanning coast to coast, all led me to my position at Spark!

What is one super power you'd want to possess and why?

Time travel! I would love to visit the past AND the future and just be an observer and get to know ALL THE THINGS!

Beach vacation or city vacation and why?

I'm all for the cultural immersion vacation, exploring another culture, people, and all the things that you find when you step out of your normal everyday life.