Alexa Barker

eMarketing Associate

AKA “Bubbly Barker

As a member of the Spark451 email marketing team, Alexa supports our college and university partners’s email marketing goals by providing quality assurance. She reviews and deploys emails, monitors performance, and resolves any workflow or deployment issues.

A graduate of North Carolina State University, Alexa earned a bachelor’s degree in communication/PR with a minor in psychology.

When Alexa isn’t on the job, you can find her focusing on the details of her artwork. Fun fact: This former competitive swimmer used to be one of the fastest butterfly swimmers in North Carolina!

How did you choose your profession?

I’ve always been a very social person growing up, and building relationships is something I’ve always really enjoyed. Choosing a career that allowed me to connect with people was paramount for me. I found that this career path not only allows me the opportunity to form relationships, but it also allows me the opportunity to have a positive impact on those I form relationships with.

What do you love most about working in higher education?

I cherish my college years and fondly recall everything I learned and experienced during that time. A college experience and a college education are fundamental parts of the plan so many people have for their lives. It excites me to be a part of a company, now, that reaches out and helps provide those people with such an amazing experience.

When you aren’t busy being a Sparkler, what is something that you like to do?

I love being creative, and expressing myself in artistic ways. I am very fortunate to have people who like my art and ask me to paint things for them, and so in my free time, I am often working on one of those commission pieces!

Where would you like to visit?

I lived in Manchester, England, for a little while, and used to frequent a tiny cafe called Chapter One. It’s where I went to relax, focus on school work, meet up with friends. They had the best tea, too, and I’d go back solely for nostalgic purposes.