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Design is about more than making things look good. It's about making things that are meaningful, useful, and engaging.


We start by understanding your business and objectives. Then we produce attention-grabbing work that builds meaningful relationships with your audiences. Our designers and copywriters develop pieces for every touchpoint — brochures, direct mail, signage, packaging, etc. — resulting in a coherent brand identity.


We build digital experiences spanning devices and platforms. From new websites and redesigns to landing pages and custom applications, our team handles it all. We design, develop, create content, manage platforms, and more.


Everyone loves a good story. Using stills, film, 3D art, and animation, we tell yours. Whether you need a commercial, product demo, or college video, our seasoned team will bring viewers on a compelling journey.

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Marketing Strategy

Everything has changed in bringing products and services to market. But starting at the beginning — strategy — still wins the day. With a fast and nimble approach, we develop actionable, data-driven media and marketing plans. We survey your competition, identify threats and opportunities, and reach your customer.

Higher Education

Spark451 marries fresh ideas with measurable results for colleges and universities. From our decades of higher-ed experience, we know the unique challenges you face. We’ll work with you to develop sound solutions to manage and market your brand and meet enrollment goals.

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Branding and Identity

We’ll help define what makes your products or services exceptional and deliver the message with clarity. Rely on our proven strategies to establish credibility and an emotional connection with customers. You’ll stand out in a crowded marketplace and motivate consumers and clients to choose you.