Gen Z and Content Personalization: A Guide for Admissions Marketers

Gen Z expects brands to communicate with them like they know who they are. Why should colleges and universities be an exception? Learn how to create personalized student search email and SMS campaigns at scale. Download the white paper by completing the form.


Element451 Admissions Technology

Element451 is a CRM for higher education that optimizes admissions marketing and enrollment management. Analytics, automation, and unparalleled ease of use are at its core.

Our software covers it all: Email marketing. Online applications. Visit programs. Admitted yield. Messaging app. Lead generation.

Spend less time managing systems and more time reaching students with Element451.

Right Audience. Right Time.


Elevate your email and SMS marketing. Segmentation + automation + A/B testing = more effective student search and marketing campaigns.

Target Audiences


Use segmentation tools to narrow contact lists into audience groups you can send highly-tailored messages to. Groups can be based on things like demographics as well as engagement with your school. For example, out-of-state juniors interested in arts majors who have visited your site in the last two months.

Set It and (Auto) Send It


When sent at just the right time, your message can have maximum traction. Set communications to send automatically based on user actions (e.g. clicked a link in an email), time, and more.

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