See Prospects More Clearly


Capture and manage leads with greater simplicity and insight.

A 360-Perspective

Prospect Profile

With a quick search, get a comprehensive view of any prospect. Know immediately where they are in the funnel or their application, events they’ve signed up for, and more. Review conversations and one-on-one interactions they’ve had with your team.

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Generate and Collect

Embeddable Form Builder

Create custom request-for-information, sign-up, and other types of lead-generating forms. Then publish them on your web site or landing pages for digital marketing campaigns. The data you collect can feed back into your prospect database.


Mobile App

Don’t let being on the road hinder counselors from getting inquires into the system. Use the mobile app to capture prospect info. You can also respond to prospect questions with the app’s Conversation chat, SMS, and email tool.

Learn from Data


Track how many prospects are in the pipeline at any given time, and compare current figures to previous timeframes. Use these stats along with response rate data and info on popular programs and majors to refine how you capture and nurture leads.

Everything you need and more.

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Record summaries of phone calls and other one-to-one communications.

Geo View

Quickly see and search for groups of prospects by location via the prospect map.

Application Data

Access applicant details and know where they are in their application.

Event Signups and History

A list of every event a prospect has registered for and their status for each, e.g. attended.

Document Access

Application documents are stored in prospect profiles for easy access.

Conversation History

Understand prospect plans and concerns by viewing conversation logs.

Workflow Enrollment

Monitor which email and SMS communications a prospect is set to receive.