Read. Collaborate. Admit.


Streamline the application review process — from submitted to first read to acceptance letter.

Work Even Smarter

Intelligent Admissions

As applications are submitted, you have the option to auto-evaluate and score them. You set the criteria that determine scores. Once an application is scored, it moves on to the appropriate next step. For example, to a first read, or for the applicant to receive a non-acceptance communication.

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Communicate Across Channels

Decision Package

Develop a comprehensive set of decision and financial aid communications and store them in one place. Communicate decisions across channels — email, SMS, online application, printed letter, etc. — based on application status.

Easy Access

Cohort Management

Cohort management makes it simple to organize applications based on things like term, school, major, and program. Then, groups of readers and other reviewers can quickly find the applications they’re responsible for.

Single Repository

Document Management

Decision451 keeps applications and all associated documents — transcripts, recommendations, portfolio materials, etc. — in a single destination. That way, readers and committee members can properly assess applicants.

Everything you need and more.

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Group Reading and Discussion

Assign applications to individuals or groups. Facilitate decision-making with notes.

Mobile Friendly

Read applications anywhere, on any device.


Easily control what areas of the system and applications users can access.


Data on acceptance rates, admits, and more. View by program, year-over-year, etc.

Download Application Portfolio

Export a PDF of the complete application file, along with notes.

Branded to You

Use you own .edu domains, school colors, logos, and imagery.