A Direct Line to Prospects


Chat one-to-one or group message students and your admissions team.

Live Chat

Element Messenger App

Connect with students on your site in the way they’re used to communicating: instantaneously. With Conversations451 you can answer applicants’ and admitted students’ questions as they have them. You can even share files, making sure they have the forms they need to apply and enroll.

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You Have Options

Multichannel Conversations

Choose the best way to have your conversation. If an applicant or admit is offline or prefers texting, send or receive SMS or MMS messages. You can also communicate via email, all through Conversations451.


Team Inbox

Make it easier for admissions team members to work together effectively. View, manage, and respond to conversations in a shared inbox.

Everything you need and more.

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Saved Replies

Reply to frequently-asked questions with pre-written (but personalized) replies.

Notes & Mentions

Loop in other admissions staff members and work together behind the scenes to help students.

Message Routing

Create custom rules to automatically assign conversations to team members who can best address them.