Right Audience. Right Time.


Get more out of your student search and email marketing campaigns with hyper-targeted messages and automation.

Create Stunning Messages

Email Builder

With easy-to-use templates, you’ll be launching your next campaign in no time. Campaigns451 balances customization (select themes, images, colors) with consistency (user-experience-optimized layouts). The result: visually stunning, mobile-friendly emails every time.

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A/B & Multivariate Testing

Ensure your message is as impactful as possible. Quickly set up test parameters and Campaigns451 will automatically send the best performing version of your email. Test subject lines, message content, and sender.

Where Students Are

SMS/Text Messages

Students communicate 50% by text compared to 12% by email, making SMS an essential part of higher-ed communication plans. Send SMS and MMS messages as easily as you do emails. Consider brand new messages or shortened versions of emails.

Target Audiences


Use segmentation tools to narrow contact lists into audience groups you can send highly-tailored messages to. Groups can be based on things like demographics as well as engagement with your school. For example, out-of-state juniors interested in arts majors who have visited your site in the last two months.

Set It and (Auto) Send It


When sent at just the right time, your message can have maximum traction. Set communications to send automatically based on user actions (e.g. clicked a link in an email), time, and more.

Everything you need and more.

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Send content based on things like academic interests.


Never have to start from scratch. Work with a library of templates, or create your own.


Prepare messages and schedule them to send in the future.

Responsive Emails

Your emails will look just right, from smartphones to desktops.

Audience Segmentation

Deliver highly relevant messages using live segment data. Group audiences by location, actions, funnel stage, and more.

Real-time Analytics

Monitor individual and overall campaign performance Apply what’s working to future messages.